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Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting?


Are you fed up with your scales dictating how you feel about yourself?


Are you fed up not knowing what to eat to make sure you always look & feel great?




The FITfood programme is designed & delivered by Phil Barnhill & Kelly Lamont, both of whom have went from 'fat to fit', but not without the usual yo-yo fluctuations in weight, the frustration, the confusion of what to believe amongst all the fads and schemes which are ripe in the 'diet industry'.


We will smash the myths, introduce you to the core principles of a healthy lifestyle and set you up for lifelong success.



We know what works.


We've walked the walk. 


Are you ready for 12 weeks which might just change

your life?

But what's it really like? Here's some reviews

from those currently in the programme...

“I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has ever been on any kind of 'diet'. This is not a diet. Kelly and Phil give you the truth behind what's actually in the different foods you eat and destroy the myths in the food industry that I would say control most of us! I have learnt so much already and it's only week 2! This program gives you the knowledge and the facts to make your own choices about food and good choices too! Laid back, relaxed and you have a laugh every week with no one judging you. It's great!” Kirsty

“Couldn't recommend this programme enough it helps you look at food and how to make it work for you in the best way. Support from everyone involved is amazing and Phil and Kelly are always there to answer any questions. Don't feel hungry or deprived of anything best programme yet” Sandra

“Would highly recommend! I have tried other 'diets' and have always felt restricted and hungry alot! with the information already given at just 2 weeks in I haven't had to endure hunger!! There is no judgement on the choices you make so if you do choose a treat you don't feel guilt/shame but just continue on with your next healthy choice.” Pamela A

“Highly recommend this course... The topics are so insightful and the support group is invaluable” Cheryl

“Cannot recommend enough, I've learnt so much in 2 weeks with down to earth people, Kelly and Phil ill pick my payment up this week lol only joking no tellings off just factual information and friendly assistance which I can already see and feel the benefits x” Pamela G

“Highly recommend , opens ur eyes & gives fact information - no fad diet nonsense !!” Deborah

Each week you'll build up your own portfolio with the materials we provide, leaving you armed with all the skills & understanding you need to go beyond your 12 weeks with continued success

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