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In 2017 The FITfactory launched our 'Be Kind to Your Mind' campaign. Our aims are simple;


- To promote awareness of mental health

- To promote the benefits of group fitness for mental health

- To help break down the social stigmas associated with mental health

Filmed during Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2017, FITfactory instructors Kelly & Phil share

how group fitness has

helped them, and have

an offer to make...

If you suffer from any mental health condition, and have never tried FITfactory classes before, we'd like to give you 3 months of classes, absolutely FREE, to see what a difference it can make for YOU!

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There's no tests, no prescription needed, and we promise you 100% confidentiality.


If you're interested, just complete the form or send us a message on facebook. We'll arrange for you to call in when there are no classes, so you can have a look around and we can meet you...

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