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Are you fed up with how you look, how you feel & know you deserve better?

Can’t understand WHY you eat the stuff you know you shouldn’t?

Join us to unlock all the tools you need to change, in a group programme designed exactly for you.

Since FITfactory opened, we have run this programme almost 40 times and helped countless participants change their shape, change their habits, change their mindset, and find their way back into regular exercise and a system of eating which is simple & sustainable long beyond the end of the 6 weeks.

Each twice weekly session will last 45-60mins and will consist of a private training session and a brief topic of conversation to aid progress on eating habits & mindset.

The sessions run Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm, at FITfactory for 6 weeks.

Participation in the programme is £99 and includes;

- All private group sessions

- Private progress tracking (weight, measurements, bodyfat % and more)

- Mentorship and support by messages, email or in person during the programme and beyond, and weekly or monthly progress tracking by arrangement for as long as required.

There will be two winners, one with the most centimetres lost (across waist, hips, chest) and one with the biggest percentage drop on the scales. Each winner wins THREE MONTHS FREE CLASSES!!!

This is a wonderful way to re-energise yourself with better habits, both physically and with eating, in a like-minded group and a very much non-judgemental environment.

The next term of The Biggest Loser Programme begins on Tuesday 4th June 2024. If you would like to book a space on the programme, please use the link below to pay securely by card, or message us with any questions;



Here's what some our recent participants had to say about the Biggest Loser Programme;


"I’ve been struggling with my weight on and off for a few years now. Even more so with being peri-menopausal. The past couple of programmes of Biggest Loser, I’ve seen the biggest change in me, weight wise. The programme not only has improved my fitness and my approach on how to maintain a calorie deficit, but also encouraged me to eat more of the right foods to fuel my body for the type of exercises I’m doing.
I’ve also seen an improvement in my mental health.
The programme helps to keep me focused, have the right mindset plus keep me accountable.
The programme is one of the best ways you get to meet new and returning members to the Fit Factory. Everyone (including the instructors) encourage each other every Tuesday and Thursday night."

"I’ve done Biggest Loser a few times now and each time I learn something new. I love the family atmosphere of each group and how everyone encourages each other and has each others backs. The exercise classes are addictive and always plenty of alternatives to things if you find them too hard or have an issue which causes you problems with certain movements, Phil is always there to offer support, guidance and a listening ear if required. 
If your thinking will I, won’t I……… Do it, honestly you will not be disappointed and will be so surprised at what you can achieve in just 6 weeks and it will encourage you to make those life long changes."

"I'd been trying to get back into training for quite some time. Tried running again and home workouts, but i was very inconsistent. I saw the Fit Factory advert for 'The Bigggest Loser' and sent a screenshot to my friend as a bit of a joke, she messaged me back and said lets go for it, an hour later we had both signed up. Phil and Katie were very welcoming, made me feel very at ease, and the sessions were really enjoyable with lots of variety but challenging, they  encouraged me to try harder and push myself further. The end result after 6 weeks was awesome, I lost more weight than i thought i would, I'm fitter and  leaner, but more importantly, with their encouragement, im happier in myself and achieved a result beyond my expectations. I couldn't have done it without their support  and encouragement. for anyone thinking about trying to get back into fitness or just to get back on track, i would highly recommend the biggest loser as a starting point, i know for me, it's been a life changer and i've signed up as a full time member and looking forward to continuing my journey."

“I joined the Biggest Loser Programme after having my 2nd baby. I’d tried really hard the year before to lose weight from getting to my heaviest ever after no.1, and generally get fitter, and couldn’t wait to get back to the craic at Fit Factory and thought this would be a great way to ease myself back in to regular exercise, amongst a great group of supportive people. And I wasn’t wrong! 13 pounds down and I’m feeling soo much better!”

“I would encourage anybody to do the biggest loser challenge because it just made me feel so good about myself and so strong. I felt so supported even during one of the toughest times of my life and it was the bright spot of my day every week! I learned so much and I think anyone can benefit from joining!”


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