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Our services

Here you can find out a little more about the other services we offer, including programmes which deliver nutritional guidance to complement your training and help you reach your goals.

           Free consultation


All new members are eligible for a free 1-1 consultation to discuss which classes or programmes best suit your goals, and your fitness levels. Contact to arrange an appointment.

           1-on-1 or small group Personal Training


Our small team of skilled & dedicated personal trainers can help you achieve your health & fitness goals with effective training methods and nutritional programming. Contact to arrange a no obligation consultation with a trainer. Rates vary based on number training and discounts are available for booking a longer period of training in advance.

           GRIT 4 Week challenge Bootcamp


A 4wk programme comprising of two private group GRIT sessions. including technique drills & team challenges with a trophy for the winning team!


Also includes individual fitness progress testing, and tracking of progress

(weight & tape measure)

           Biggest Loser Programme


Our 6-8 week programme aimed at those struggling with diet & exercise. Simple but effective training sessions, suitable for all fitness levels. 



           TRX Bootcamp programme


The TRX beach body bootcamp harnesses the incredible power of suspension training. With a strong focus on chiseling a mid-section which will turn heads, the training will also develop muscle tone through the whole body. 

This is small group training, with a maximum of 6 participants per coach, and includes a dietary programme based on individual needs, and ongoing support.

Next programme to be announced.

           Strength Training Bootcamps


Our 4-8 week programme perfect for those seeking either an introduction to the fundamentals of weight training, or those with some experience seeking to develop a more effective technique and strategy. The popularity of strength training for changing shape has never been higher, especially for women.


Next term to be announced.


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